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GidMarket Company in the marketing research market is favourably distinguished by its impressive work experience and a large portfolio of achieved results. Since 2007, the marketing agency GidMarket has completed more than 2,000 market research and business plans. Among the customers of market research and business, plans are various companies from all over the world.

The range of services of the marketing agency GidMarket:

GidMarket is your guide in solving urgent business task:

  • Ordering marketing research on individual terms of reference to assess the attractiveness of a new consumer market.
  • Analysis of customs statistics to identify the main competitors, and search for new suppliers and buyers.
  • Evaluation of the current position of the company in the market - measuring the level of knowledge and loyalty to the brand by conducting a survey of consumers.
  • Preparation of a business plan, taking into account modern international requirements, helps to get a loan from a bank or attract investments from private investors.

Despite the difficult foreign policy situation, consumer markets remain attractive to foreign companies and investors. One of the most demanded services of the GidMarket marketing agency is market research, competitor analysis, and the study of consumer preferences.

The sincere involvement of GidMarket managers and analysts in the research process focus on results makes the process of cooperation with GidMarket fruitful and profitable. The presence of internal control at the stage of performing market research guarantees the high quality of research results and business plan reports transmitted to the customer.