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In-Depth Interview as a Research Method
An in-depth interview consists of a confidential conversation that the interviewer uses in the interests of his research. This article is about the application of the method in marketing and the tasks for which it is effective. We will also analyze the advantages of in-depth interviews over other qualitative studies.
Brand awareness testing
Brand awareness (trademark) is one of the determining factors when purchasing a product or service.
The Importance of Marketing Research Today
Literally 30 years ago, experts in India knew almost nothing about marketing or did not seek to use its tools at all. This was explained simply - administrative forms of management did not imply freedom of action, including in the field of sales and advertising.
Why do you need to conduct market research before launching a new product?
If an enterprise is preparing to expand its product line, it is important to first assess the feasibility of such a step. “Blind” actions give little chance of successful promotion of new products or services. To obtain information that will allow you to make the right decision, you need to conduct a full-fledged study of available resources (natural, financial, labor, etc.), demand and the price situation, the potential niche of a new product and its sales prospects.
Nine Key Factors for Successfully Choosing a Field Research Agency
GidMarket, an expert in desk and field marketing research, reveals the secrets of effective interaction with field agencies. During the years of work of the GidMarket company, we had to deal with the issues of organizing consumer surveys from various sides. This includes the organization of a full cycle of field marketing research, and the recruitment of our own staff of interviewers, and interaction with partners organizing field research, and quality control of other companies as part of complex tasks.
All about marketing strategy: concept, types, development methods
The marketing strategy of an enterprise allows you to understand how to plan and implement all kinds of activities in a company aimed at implementing plans and objectives using certain marketing tools. It is focused on increasing sales and income of the enterprise, learning how to dynamically sell products for a long time.
Why do you need a business plan
A business plan is a written tool for your business that forecasts the company's development 3-10 years ahead and outlines the path your business intends to make money and increase revenue.
How to write a business plan: what you need to know when developing
The three most important goals of a business plan are: creating an effective growth strategy, identifying your future financial needs, and attracting investors and lenders.
Analysis of competitors
When conducting research, it is worth evaluating your competitors by placing them in strategic groups based on how directly they compete. For each player or strategic group, their product or service provided, their profitability, growth pattern, marketing objectives, current and past strategies, organizational structure and costs, strengths and weaknesses, and the size (in sales) of the competitor's business are listed.
Business plan: definition, types and content
A business plan is an important written document that describes and outlines the future of your company. The plan should explain the business strategy and your key goals to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.
Business plan for a loan: features and requirements of banks
Drafting a business plan for a bank, also known as a loan proposal, involves forecasting and detailing a company's potential financial needs long before a loan is required. The business plan, along with the necessary documentation required by the lender, is used to apply for the loan and can greatly influence the approval of the loan.
Market analysis: concept, methods and stages of implementation
Market research is defined as the process of gathering data about products and services to determine whether a product or service will satisfy customer needs. Market research can reveal market trends, demographics, economic shifts, shopping habits, and important competitive information.
Stages of developing a marketing strategy
A marketing strategy is a long-term, far-sighted approach for any organization or business, the main goal of which is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs and desires of customers. It covers many aspects and areas of activity: positioning, selection of strategic partners, relations with the media, the implementation of advertising activities and even the definition of business tactics.
Marketing Analysis
Marketing analysis is a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment of the current market for a relevant product or service.
Features of marketing research of B2B markets
The B2B market is not like working with the end consumer, so you need to analyze it with other tools. Let's analyze what is the difference with B2C, what features should be taken into account and how it will affect marketing.
Development of business plans for investment projects
The business plan solves many internal and external tasks of the company, the main of which is to obtain financing. There are a number of techniques for effectively compiling such documents. On the example of one of them, we analyzed the structure and content of the plan.
Expert interviews
During an expert interview, the specialist gives detailed answers that interest the client. The respondent helps to understand the specifics of the industry or segment, as well as to identify significant market trends.
Search for the most promising niches and segments
The search for promising business directions helps to identify new profitable markets, in-demand products in accordance with the capabilities and competencies of the client.
PEST analysis
PEST-analysis allows not only to assess the current situation around the company and predict future changes. A well-conducted study is the basis for an anti-crisis plan.
SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis allows you to draw conclusions about the competitiveness of the company.