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The Importance of Marketing Research Today

Literally, 30 years ago, experts in India knew almost nothing about marketing or did not seek to use its tools at all. This was explained simply - administrative forms of management did not imply freedom of action, including in the field of sales and advertising. But the market economy made its own adjustments - enterprises received a direct interest in the successful sale of their goods. Not only their direct profit depended on this, but also their survival as a business in general. The issue of introducing marketing technologies into production has gained particular relevance.

Today, this trend is gaining momentum. Marketing research is extremely useful in making many strategic decisions and their implementation, for example:

  • When conquering new markets
  • When introducing new products
  • In case of rebranding
  • When forming the pricing and marketing policy of the company, as well as methods of stimulating consumers

Marketing specialists are engaged in a comprehensive study of the relevant market segments. They can be called the think tank of modern enterprises. The results of marketing research are the basis for organizing and maintaining an effective scientific, industrial, personnel, marketing and financial policy, that is, they help to create really popular products and sell them to those who need it.

The real purpose of marketing is customer satisfaction, not just increasing sales by any means, including false advertising or outright deception. Companies aimed at success and serious development do not use forbidden tricks, but resort to a detailed analysis of products, markets and competitors. It is easiest to perform such tasks with the help of professional marketers.