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Market forecast

In a stressful state of the economy, it is very important to have an objective assessment of the development of the market, and more information for making managerial decisions. In unstable economic conditions, it is especially important to be one step ahead of competitors, to overcome the crisis with minimal financial damage.

Market forecast allows

  • Assess the depth of the decline in demand in the current economic and political conditions
  • Highlight which trends will continue in the medium term, and which will come to naught, as non-defining
  • Find out what key factors will determine the development of a particular market in the future
  • Get information about the volume and dynamics of the market for previous periods

In addition, the forecast from the marketing agency GidMarket may contain other important information about the market:

  • The share of imported products in the commodity market
  • List of the largest market participants, their shares
  • Main problems of the industry
  • Prospects and market growth drivers
  • Number of buyers and their financial capacity
  • Degree of competition from substitute goods (substitute services)
  • Analysis of sectoral indicators of financial and economic activity

When making a forecast, we take into account

  • Statistical regularities
  • Type of market assessment (natural/value)
  • Market dynamics in previous crises, similarities and differences of previous crises in the context of a particular market
  • Assessment of the impact of the current and forecast general economic situation
  • Changes in real incomes of the population, trends in consumer preferences during the crisis
  • Forecasts of development and degree of impact of other factors influencing the industry.

Cost of making a forecast

You can order a market forecast according to an individual structure or purchase one of the ready-made reports. The undoubted advantage of a ready-made market forecast is its low price. When buying a ready-made market forecast, GidMarket analysts update the information for free on the date of purchase of the forecast.

The market development forecast, which is prepared according to an individual structure, allows you to focus on issues that interest you, include additional items in the report and take into account your wishes as much as possible. The forecast of market development by individual structure is more expensive. It is more complex and deep.

The market development forecast can be built both for the Indian industry as a whole and for individual states. The possibility of building a forecast for the development of foreign markets is discussed on an individual basis.

How to order?

You can contact the managers of the marketing agency GidMarket at the indicated phone numbers or send a request by e-mail. When requesting an e-mail, we ask you to describe in as much detail as possible the type and specifics of the product/service, the geography of the study, and the most pressing issues and tasks facing you.

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