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The company GidMarket conducts online surveys in India.

Survey allows you to:

  • Get feedback about a product/service
  • Quantify demand
  • Assess consumer preferences
  • Measure the level of loyalty or advertising effectiveness
  • Study the lifestyle of the target audience

The use of primary information about the consumer significantly increases the accuracy of complex marketing research.

As a result of conducting surveys, you will receive:

  • Real product reviews
  • Understanding the needs and motives of the audience's behaviour
  • The level of knowledge, the level of loyalty to your product in the system of competing brands
  • Calculation of consumer loyalty index (NPS)
  • Popular channels/points of product purchase
  • Ranking of selection criteria and key features of the product
  • Understanding the consumer audience
  • Understanding the factors that influence purchasing decisions for your product
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising channels
  • Evaluation of loyalty programs
  • Evaluation of communication channels in demand among the target audience
  • Socio-demographic portrait of buyers
  • Additional data on the frequency and volume of consumption

In the company "GidMarket" conducting surveys includes:

  • Definition of goals, hypotheses of quantitative research
  • Development of a questionnaire for the tasks and needs of the Customer
  • Implementation of the field stage of the study (questionnaire)
  • Visual control of filling out questionnaires
  • Selective route or telephone control of the survey
  • Analysis of the received data (grouping, identifying relationships, correlations, segmentation, in-depth analysis)
  • Report in .pdf or .ppt (optional)

How to order a service?

Contact us in one of the convenient ways to order a survey:

  • By phone number
  • By sending an email request
  • By filling out an electronic form on the site
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