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Development of business plans to order

You can order the development of ready-made business plans by contacting the «GidMarket» agency. Our analysts will prepare a report within the agreed time frame, taking into account all your wishes. We draw up a business plan taking into account the requirements of the international UNIDO standard. This allows you to get the missing capital to open a new enterprise, and increases the likelihood of a positive decision by the bank in obtaining a loan or attracting investment capital.

Business plan development timeline

Terms of development depend on the goals of the project:

  • Is it necessary to collect commercial offers from equipment suppliers?
  • Is a consumer survey required?
  • Are competitors' prices publicly available or is competitive intelligence required?

An individual business plan for attracting investments requires a deep study of the financial model, taking into account the geography, competitive and consumer environment, and making a balanced assessment of the possible risks of the project.

The terms for the implementation of the business plan are from 30 working days.

Prices for services

You can get acquainted with the prices for developing a plan for your business idea in the following ways:

  • One of the contact numbers
  • By sending an email request
  • By filling out an electronic form on the site

Please note that the calculation of prices and terms for writing business plans is carried out by GidMarket managers promptly.

The company GidMarket is:

  • 12 years of business planning experience
  • Staff of financial analysts and marketing analysts
  • Department of internal quality control of orders
  • Opportunity to get a preliminary calculation of the project, and get acquainted with the financial results before receiving the final report. If necessary, make adjustments
  • Experience in dealing with requirements from banks
  • Attention not only to the financial part of the project but also to the study of the competitive environment, sales assessment for a new enterprise, and demand forecasting.

We have already solved many non-standard task:

  • Performed a calculation of the economic effect of expanding the production capacity of a large printing company. This made it possible to make the right management decision and attract additional funding from private investors. The company has entered a new segment for itself - the production of highly artistic books of premium quality.
  • Conducted an assessment of the effectiveness of investments in the construction of a complex of indoor fields for mini-football. This assessment showed a high sensitivity of the NPV of the project to the consumer price of services. The customer decided to revise the scale of activities and introduce additional products for the project.
  • Performed several variants of calculations with various heating systems and the choice of the optimal type of fuel provided a high economic effect on the development of greenhouses.
  • Planned business processes for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs involved in the development of mobile applications
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