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Marketing research

The GidMarket company provides comprehensive marketing research services for various sectors of the economy. By ordering a study, you will receive information about the state of the industry, the dynamics and prospects for its development. Based on these data, it is possible to build an accurate forecast of trends, organize the activities of the enterprise more efficiently, and get ahead of competitors. Entrusting the implementation of complex market research to specialists is much more profitable than solving a complex task on your own. Deep study of the issue requires a large amount of time and financial resources, as well as competent skills and abilities.

Custom Market Research may contain the following information 

  • Relevance of the project
  • Assessment of the capacity and volume of the industry
  • Competitive analysis
  • Dynamics of import and export
  • Producer and consumer price analysis
  • Analysis of consumers and consumer preferences
  • Segmentation of production by types of products
  • Description of factors affecting the market
  • Forecast of development
  • General conclusions, expert recommendations

Market analysis of which territories can be ordered from GidMarket?

The agency's specialists are engaged in analysis for both Indian enterprises and foreign business partners. Different customers require data for different markets. As a result, the data collected can cover an entire country, state, or individual city.

The GidMarket company analyzes not only the markets of India but also the countries of Asia, Europe and other countries of the world, as well as the world market as a whole.

Marketing analysis of which industries can be ordered in GidMarket?

GidMarket analyzes all existing sectors of the economy, in the field of goods and services. We have rich experience in studying a wide variety of industries: industry, IT, FMCG, medicine, agriculture, automotive industry, aviation and shipbuilding, construction, real estate, logistics, communications, trade, HoReCa, various services for the population and business, education, science and innovation, finance, loans and insurance, tourism, raw materials, packaging and other industries.

Conducting custom marketing research: benefits for the client 

  • Detailed report with experts' conclusions, forecasts
  • Information about competing firms, their prices, location
  • Professional advice, and assistance of experienced marketers
  • Saving financial, and time resources
  • The ability to quickly adjust the enterprise to the realities of the market
  • Reducing business risks

What is the total cost of services?

The price of the service is calculated separately for each order. There is no single tariff since various factors affect the complexity, as well as the timing of the work. The most significant of them is the volume of information, the specifics of the industry, and the personal requirements of the client.

The exact price is determined after the approval of the plan for future research, during which the wishes of the client are taken into account. Having agreed on the details, an agreement is signed containing the rights and obligations of the parties.

To reduce costs, you can purchase ready-made industry analyses. Such works cost less, but they do not take into account the personal needs and preferences of the client.

In any case, the information presented in the electronic report will be relevant and useful, revealing the main trends in the chosen direction, which is necessary to optimize the operation of the enterprise.

How we are working

1. Leave a request in any way convenient for you:

  • On the site, through the feedback window
  • By sending a letter to the post office
  • By phone

2. Our manager will contact you shortly and ask clarifying questions about the project.

3. We will prepare a commercial offer for you, which will specify the structure of the study, cost, and deadlines.

4. We will answer all your questions, and adjust the commercial offer based on your wishes.

5. We will send an agreement for signature, and an invoice for payment of the service you have chosen.

6. During the work of analysts, the manager will keep you informed of the progress of the study.

7. Based on the results of the work, you will receive a detailed report with the collected data, conclusions, and forecasts.

If necessary, we will finalize the report within the agreed terms of reference, free of charge.

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