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Marketing strategy

Increasing sales, obtaining a greater market share, and developing new areas of cooperation are key aspects of business development. The development of a competent development plan will help in achieving these goals.

Agency GidMarket proposes to develop a strategy taking into account the mission of the client's company, its resources, position in the competitive environment, prospects and other significant factors. To achieve high positions in your field, simply order a marketing strategy on our website and follow its provisions.

Development of a marketing strategy includes:

  1. Assessment of the company's capabilities (weaknesses and strengths of the company, advantages among competitors, and potential risks are taken into account)
  2. Analysis of prospective market segments. To develop an effective marketing strategy, you need to
  3. Studying the current demand and supply for goods or services of interest, the audience for their consumption or use
  4. Conducting an analysis of competitors, reflecting the pros and cons of the area under study
  5. Development of specific measures regarding a future pricing policy, promotional tools, advertising campaign features and sales tracking options
  6. Document approval

What is a marketing strategy for?

The most common goals for using a company's marketing strategy are:

  • Concentrated growth
    It implies strengthening competition, increasing market share or conquering new niches for products already manufactured by the company, as well as improving its quality.
  • Integrated growth
    The essence of this option is to expand the organization itself and the product line, for which work is being intensified with dealers, branches, suppliers, end users
  • Diversified growth
    It is used to search for development points in a difficult current market situation. For example, when manufacturing new products using old resources, changing the characteristics of existing products
  • Reduction
    It involves extracting maximum profit during the reorganization or liquidation of a business

The final product will include:

  • Detailed description of optimal target markets and segments
  • Competent analysis of the target audience
  • Identification of the main competitive advantages
  • Options for using the most effective tools for promotion in the market, in the categories: price, product, advertising, sales

We will help you develop a marketing strategy for your business. Just place an order by filling out the form on the website, and leaving a request in online messages or by phone

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