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Valve market analysis Valve market analysis
Release date 21.11.2021
Number of pages 40
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In the context of the rapid development of construction, the modernization of public utilities, and the growth of the gas production industry in our country, various fasteners and technical devices for controlling the flow of substances in pipes and pipelines are in high demand. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the valve market will be very useful in making production and investment decisions. The specialized agency ""GidMarket"" has all the necessary resources to carry out such work at the proper level.

In the report you will find the following data:

  • general overview of the direction (main characteristics, production volume, shares of export and import deliveries, segment capacity, current parameters of the oil and gas industry development);
  • analysis of the competitive environment in the valve market (list of manufacturing plants, their shares);
  • assessment of the level of consumption of products (dynamics for previous years and forecast for the coming periods, main buyers, demand for nomenclature groups of goods);
  • conclusions of experts, recommendations to users.

Methods of marketing research in the field of valves

Any official documents and information sources are being studied:

  • reports of the FCS, FTS, Rosstat;
  • databases and statements on the official websites of industry institutions and related government agencies;
  • materials of electronic and online media, printed publications, reference and scientific literature;
  • open financial indicators of enterprises;
  • expert reviews and interviews;
  • ratings of marketing and analytical agencies.

In the absence of the necessary data in the finished report, you can order an individual study of the issue. To do this, fill out an electronic application or call one of our phones.


Part 1. Overview of the Indian valve market 

1.1. Main characteristics of the market 
1.2. Dynamics of the volume of the shut-off valve market in 2016-2020 Potential market capacity 
1.3. Assessment of factors affecting the market 
1.4. Valve market life cycle stage 
1.5. Competition from substitute products 

Part 2. Competitive analysis in the valve market 

2.1. Major players in the market 
2.2. Market shares of the largest competitors 
2.3. Profiles of major players 

Part 3. Analysis of the production of valves 

3.1. Volume and dynamics of domestic production of valves 
3.2. Share of exports in the production of stop valves 
3.3. Segmentation of production of stop valves by regions 
3.3.1. Production by Union Territories 
3.3.2. Production by states of India 

Part 4. Analysis of foreign trade deliveries of valves 

4.1. The volume and dynamics of imports of stop valves 
4.2. Import structure 
4.3. The volume and dynamics of exports of valves 
4.4. Export structure 

Part 5. Analysis of the consumption of valves 

5.1. Stop valve consumption dynamics 
5.2. Analysis of the results of tenders for the purchase 

Part 6. Price Analysis 

6.1. Average producer prices by union territories 
6.2. Average consumer prices by states in India 

Part 7. Assessment of factors of investment attractiveness of the market 

Part 8. Forecast for the development of the valve market until 2025 

Part 9. Recommendations and conclusions

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