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Marketing research of the online stores market in India

Marketing research of the online stores market in India Marketing research of the online stores market in India
Release date 04.06.2014
Number of pages 80
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 35000 ₹


Online trading, as a relatively new and progressive technology, requires an objective assessment. The conclusions of experts will help investors and businesses in choosing a direction or abandoning it.

The specialized agency ""GidMarket"" organizes a professional marketing research of this segment. An analysis of the online shopping market in India will be carried out according to the criteria and requests of the client in the shortest possible time. In addition, you can purchase a ready-made conclusion based on the results of studying the industry as of 2014. At the request of the customer, the report is updated to the current date.

To receive the service, the client must submit an application in the appropriate form, indicating in it his contact details (when buying a conclusion from the catalog), the goals and features of the study.

The procedure and results of the analysis of the market of online stores in India

The standard study of this area reflects, as a rule, the following aspects:

  • Features of e-commerce.
  • The status of online sales in India, such as volume, penetration rate, key performance indicators across companies, reasons for lagging behind the world.
  • Segmentation of the sphere (by regions, methods of delivery and payment, assortment, foreign deliveries, etc.).
  • Trends in the industry, its current problems, medium-term development forecast (for the next 5 years).
  • Analysis of consumer behavior in the online shopping market in India.
  • Description of the key players in the sector (total number, leaders in the number of visitors, performance indicators, etc.)

For an objective assessment of the situation, many tools are used, including:

Study of information sources, including public and insider ones. In particular, useful in this regard:

  • databases of tax and customs services, Rosstat;
  • financial statements of representatives of the respective business;
  • ratings, analytics, reviews, media materials;
  • thematic portals.

Survey of key stakeholders.

To purchase a report from the catalog or order a special study, follow the links on the site. You can find out more in the chat or by phone.

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