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Marketing research of the MSW processing market

Marketing research of the MSW processing market Marketing research of the MSW processing market
Release date 22.11.2021
Number of pages 40
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 225000 ₹

The deadline for submitting the report is 20 business days. The study is sold with an update 

Disposal and further use of waste is a promising direction for business. But it will be beneficial only with serious preparation and study of this area. Independent conclusions and professional advice can be provided by experienced marketers.

The agency ""GidMarket"" employs competent specialists who own modern approaches and methods of assessment. They can study the issue according to the individual criteria of the clients.

Users will find a lot of useful information in the document:

  • the main results of the study of the solid domestic waste processing market (general characteristics of the service, classification of solid waste and market participants, general condition, volume and saturation of the direction of activity, its structure by type of raw materials, trends and development prospects);
  • list and description of the largest enterprises engaged in this area (industry leaders, their profiles, shares and pricing policy);
  • the state of the sphere of consumption of secondary products (customer preferences, demand structure);
  • expert opinion on the state of affairs, recommendations to interested states.

The procedure for analyzing the market for the processing of municipal solid waste

Various documents are being monitored and studied. Commonly used sources of information are:

  • databases and reports of government departments (profile ministries, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Customs Service and Rosstat);
  • open reports of economic companies;
  • printed publications, thematic reviews on the Internet, analytical TV programs;
  • scientific and technical publications, reference books;
  • price bulletins;
  • ratings of marketing and consulting organizations.

Upon completion of the analysis, experts formulate conclusions about the current situation in the market for the processing of municipal solid waste and its medium-term prospects.


Part 1. Overview of the Indian MSW recycling market 

1.1. Definition and Characteristics of the Indian MSW Recycling Market 
1.2. Dynamics of the volume of the Indian MSW processing market, 2016-2020 
1.3. Market structure by type of rendered MSW processing in India
1.4. Structure of the MSW processing market by Union Territories 
1.5. Assessment of current trends and development prospects of the studied market 
1.6. Assessment of factors affecting the market 
1.7. Analysis of sectoral indicators of financial and economic activity 

Part 2. Competitive analysis in the MSW recycling market in India 

2.1. Major players in the market 
2.2. Market shares of the largest competitors 
2.3. Profiles of major players 

Part 3. Analysis of the consumption of MSW processing

3.1. Estimated consumption of MSW processing per capita 
3.2. Market Saturation and Estimated Market Potential in India 
3.3. Description of consumer preferences 
3.4. Price analysis 

Part 4. Assessment of factors of investment attractiveness of the market 

Part 5. Forecast for the development of the MSW processing market until 2025 

Part 6. Conclusions on the prospects of creating enterprises in the study area and recommendations for current market operators 

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