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Marketing research of the avocado oil market

Marketing research of the avocado oil market Marketing research of the avocado oil market
Release date 28.04.2018
Number of pages 40
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 89000 ₹

Purpose of the study:  

Analysis of the Indian avocado oil market, provide up-to-date information on market volumes, consumers and competitors in the market, changes that occurred in 2015-17, as well as build a long-term forecast and industry development trends for the period up to 2022. 


Part 1. India Avocado Oil Market Overview

1.1. Main characteristics of the market 
1.2. Assessment of factors affecting the market 
1.3. Market share of imports
1.4. Dynamics of the volume and capacity of the market in 2012-2016 
1.5. Market structure by types of products

Part 2. Analysis of imports in 2017

2.1. Product import volume
2.2. Import structure:
2.2.1. by producing countries (in physical and value terms)
2.2.2. by manufacturing companies (in physical and value terms)
2.2.3. by recipient companies (in physical and value terms)
2.3. Average import price

Part 3: Competitor Analysis

3.1. Major players in the market 
3.2. Market shares of the largest competitors
3.3. Competitors' prices

Part 4. Consumption analysis

4.1. Analysis of consumer preferences
4.2. Market structure by consumption sectors 

Part 5. Consumption forecast until 2021

Part 6. Analysis of the prospects for a Mexican company to enter the avocado oil market in India

Part 7. Recommendations and conclusions

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