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Marketing research of export and import of kitchen stoves

Marketing research of export and import of kitchen stoves Marketing research of export and import of kitchen stoves
Release date 25.03.2016
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If you plan to adjust your business strategy, it is first of all important to have up-to-date data on market volumes, production, imports and exports.

This information can be obtained by contacting the GidMarket company. Agency specialists will thoroughly study the area in which you work and generate a detailed report. It will reflect data that will help you understand what needs to be done to take a leading position in the market. You can contact GidMarket with a request to study the export and import of cookers.

What can you learn from marketing research?

The main goals with which any market research is carried out are the analysis of its components, customer requests, the presence and professionalism of competitors, etc. After conducting the research, you can decide exactly whether to try to occupy a certain niche in this range of services or better -something else.

You'll also find out which products and services are most in demand, what you can add as related services to attract customers, and much more.

In the study of export and import of kitchen stoves, the company's specialists:

  • analyze the turnover of the product we are interested in;
  • determine the direction of the flow of goods;
  • find out the volume of demand for the product of interest;
  • determine the main manufacturers, suppliers and recipients;
  • analyze the types of products and their cost;
  • consider the processes of import and export of cooking stoves segmentally;
  • evaluate business activity in the market;
  • consider and analyze the competitive environment;
  • identify changing trends in the cooker market.

In addition, expert interviews are conducted both with specialists in narrow areas of export or import, and with people who generally follow the flow of goods into and out of the country.

Desk research methods are widely used, such as analysis of official statistics received from the Ministry of Economic Development or Customs.

Attention is also paid to statistical information provided by unofficial sources, for example, industry associations.

Moreover, analytical reviews of the markets, a monitoring method by which the materials of consulting and marketing companies are evaluated on issues of interest, and specialized publications are used.

Contact an agency specialist at or by phone numbers listed on the website to clarify all the details!


Chapter 1. Production volume of cooking stoves in India

Chapter 2. Import structure by:

2.1. Manufacturers

2.2. Senders

2.3. Recipients in India

2.4. Importing countries

Chapter 3. Structure of export by:

3.1. Manufacturers

3.2. Senders

3.3. Recipients

3.4. Recipient countries

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