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Ice Palace business plan

Ice Palace business plan Ice Palace business plan
Release date 21.10.2013
Number of pages 94
Cost 32000 ₹

Here is a business plan for the construction and further operation of the ice palace. The work is an analysis of this market segment and includes a project to create an enterprise.

This study contains a description of the state of the industry and the prospects for its development, features of the construction of ice palaces, recommendations for organizing the stable operation of the company, promoting services and reaching the project level of profit.

When preparing the document, the experts relied on information obtained from open sources, their own calculations, as well as interviews under the legend with manufacturers. All materials are illustrated with diagrams and tables.

The structure of the ice palace business plan

In the first section of the study, you will get acquainted with a general description of the project, information about the timing of its implementation, the volume of own capital investments and borrowed funds, the main markets for products, etc.

What follows is an analysis of the ice arena market in India with information on the competitive landscape, pricing and industry dynamics.

Marketing plan. This part presents the business model of the enterprise, recommendations for the formation of assortment and pricing policies, advertising and promotion of the company's services.

Organizational plan. This section contains information about choosing the location of the ice palace, a description of the stages of project implementation and the organizational structure of the enterprise.

The fifth chapter introduces the list of necessary production equipment, presents the calculation of the cost of fixed assets, direct costs and working capital.

The sixth part contains a detailed description of the financial model with an analysis of sales, cost structure, sensitivity and break-even. It also presents the conclusions of the authors on the feasibility of implementing the project and investment efficiency.

In conclusion, an expert assessment of risks is provided, as well as recommendations for their minimization.

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