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Green house business plan

Green house business plan Green house business plan
Release date 29.09.2016
Number of pages 69
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 39000 ₹

This document presents a project for the creation of a greenhouse facility. The study contains a complete description of the stages of creation and organization of the enterprise.

The purpose of this business plan is to establish a 1,5 hectare greenhouse facility for growing cucumbers and tomatoes indoors with a minimum investment of Rs 200 million.

When working on this document, experts used current business plan development techniques. A business plan provides investors with comprehensive information about the project, the prospects for investing in such an enterprise, data on profitability and risks. The company's management receives a detailed description of the procedure for creating, organizing the company's work, as well as a financial model for calculating economic indicators.

Greenhouse Business Plan Structure

Justification of the relevance of the project based on data on the volume of vegetable production, unmet need for such enterprises.

Description of the main characteristics of this sector of the Indian food market. This section presents the results of the analysis of the dynamics of consumption volumes, the competitive environment, and lists the existing measures of state support for agriculture.

The third section of the greenhouse business plan contains materials on the marketing strategy, product promotion methods, assortment and pricing policies.

The fourth chapter presents a phased plan for the implementation of the project with a detailed description of each stage, the organizational structure of the greenhouse industry, staffing.

The fifth part is the production plan. Here is a description of the work of the enterprise, technological processes, the necessary equipment.

A financial plan that includes analysis of sales, costs, full cost, data on profitability, investment performance indicators, break-even and NPV sensitivity.

Project risk profile.

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