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Fitness club business plan

Fitness club business plan Fitness club business plan
Release date 21.10.2013
Number of pages 66
Cost 19000 ₹

How to plan the opening of a fitness club? GidMarket specialists have prepared ready-made instructions for you to quickly launch your business.

Here is a business plan drawn up by specialists in the field of marketing and management. The purpose of the work is a detailed description of a successful enterprise that can bring a stable profit. It also contains a plan for launching a company with a list of necessary equipment.

The information and recommendations given in the business plan are based on a study of the fitness club market in India. The authors used the results of surveys and interviews with heads of firms working in this area, information from databases, media archives, analytical reviews, etc. Structured text material is accompanied by tables and diagrams.

What does a fitness club business plan contain?

  • The document begins with a description of the project and justification of its relevance in the light of the market environment and the needs of the target audience.
  • Analysis of the relevant business area with general characteristics of fitness clubs in India.
  • Description of marketing strategy, pricing policy and assortment formation. From this part of the business plan, you will also learn about the tools for promoting the services of a fitness club and their effective application.
  • Information about the optimal location of the enterprise, its organizational structure and staffing. It also provides a step-by-step plan for opening a company.
  • Description of the future fitness club, its decoration, furnishing, equipment with calculations of the costs associated with the purchase of equipment and materials.
  • The financial plan contains an analysis of the structure of all types of expenses and costs. When reading this section, you will learn the conclusions of experts about the feasibility of the project, investment efficiency.
  • In conclusion, a list of the main risks that the enterprise will face and ways to minimize them is given.

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