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Canteen business plan Canteen business plan
Release date 21.10.2013
Number of pages 92
Cost 25000 ₹

Economical public catering organizations are actively regaining their lost positions. Such a business will certainly bring profit if it is carefully thought out and justified.

All calculations, diagrams and tables for this profile can be seen in the project, carried out by the experts of the agency ""GidMarket"". Orders are also accepted for the development of an individual business plan for a canteen, taking into account its features and goals of future owners.

On the basis of such a document, investors make decisions about investing funds, banks provide loans, and the owners of the enterprise themselves choose an effective strategy for its development.

It contains answers, for example, to the following questions:

  • is it worth investing in such a direction;
  • what should be the area of ​​​​required premises;
  • how to organize the structure of the enterprise;
  • how many resources will be needed at the initial stage, the expected cost-benefit ratio during the implementation of the project.

Contents of a ready-made canteen business plan

Summary (essence, terms, cost, effects of project implementation, conditions of investment participation).

Relevance of calculations.

Production and organizational business plan:

  • the procedure and conditions for registering a canteen as a legal entity;
  • design layout, options for finishing and minor repairs of the premises, technical equipment and equipment;
  • personnel structure, staffing.

Funding program:

  • necessary capital investments;
  • volume of variable costs;
  • main economic indicators of the project;
  • principles of budgeting, profit plan;
  • significant components of the project, on which the viability and success of the whole business depends.

Risk assessment (list, description, ways to reduce).


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