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Business plan for the production of wooden houses

Business plan for the production of wooden houses Business plan for the production of wooden houses
Release date 21.10.2013
Number of pages 89
Cost 25000 ₹

The GidMarket company implements ready-made business plans for the production of various products. It is also possible to order new studies, taking into account the individual requirements of the client.

The business plan for the production of wooden houses is presented in the form of an electronic document, consisting of seven large sections and two useful applications. It was developed by the best industry experts and leading marketers.

The first part of the report traditionally examines the relevance of the project.

The second section is devoted to the analysis of the wooden housing construction market. It contains detailed studies of the competitive environment and an overview of the development of the industry in selected regions of India.

The third part of the business plan presents a marketing plan that addresses the following issues:

  • selection of the optimal business model of the company;
  • developing a common strategy;
  • features of the pricing policy;
  • building a SWOT analysis.

The fourth section is dedicated to organizational planning. It discusses the stages of project implementation, the creation of a staffing table, the approval of a suitable organizational structure, as well as the nuances of registering a legal entity.

The fifth part of the report is the production plan. Its purpose is to establish production processes, as well as a competent calculation of the cost of direct costs and fixed assets.

The sixth section is the most voluminous. It is dedicated to financial planning and analysis of various cost structures.

The last part of the report touches upon the topic of risk management. It describes possible risks and ways to minimize them.

How to purchase a business plan for the production of wooden houses?

You can order the preparation of a new project or buy a ready-made report by filling out an electronic form. The more information the client specifies in the application, the more accurately his request will be fulfilled. Therefore, be sure to fill in the fields ""project geography"" and ""development goal"".

Consultation on the topic of ordering a business plan for the production of wooden houses can be obtained by calling the contact number.

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