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Beer market analysis Beer market analysis
Release date 26.06.2014
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Here is a marketing study of the beer market in India. The work is an analysis of the state of the industry based on data for the period 2006-2013.

The purpose of this study is a comprehensive description of the state of affairs in the beer market in India, the main factors of influence, import, export, production and consumption, current trends and development prospects.

Experts used interview methods under the legend of industry players, conducted expert calculations and analyzed a large amount of information obtained from trusted sources, including databases of the Federal Customs Service, the State Statistics Committee, the Federal Tax Service, issuer reports, poll results, regional and federal media, etc.

The work is accompanied by numerous demonstration materials - 17 diagrams and 14 tables.

The structure of beer market research in India

General characteristics of the industry. The introductory part acquaints the reader with information about consumer properties, the formation of the quality of beer, and the classification of the assortment.

The second section presents data on the production of these products in the world. In particular, there is a list of the largest international players, a rating of brands, and an analysis of beer consumption.

In the third part, the author moves on to the study of the domestic market. It contains data on the dynamics of production, key players and their positions. This chapter also describes the features of marketing and promotion technologies in the Indian market and the specifics of state regulation of the industry.

The analysis of foreign trade deliveries provides information on the volumes, dynamics, structure of imports and exports of beer in India, as well as the largest distributors of foreign products.

Retail research. From this section you will learn about beer sales, price dynamics, the share of alcoholic products in the structure of consumer spending in India.

The final part of the work offers to get acquainted with the conclusions of experts about the trends and prospects for the development of the industry in the world and in India.

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This study is a marketing analysis of the beer market in India.

Study period 2014 – 2016

Relevance of the study in 2014

Object and subject of research

The object of the study is the beer market

The subject of the study is the analysis of production and consumption, price analysis, the main trends in the beer market, the main participants: competitors, consumers

Purpose of the study:

description of Indian beer market

Research objectives:

  • Description of the state of the beer market;
  • Estimation of the market volume;
  • Description of the main competitors;
  • Characteristics of the main consumers;
  • Assessment of current trends and prospects for market development.

Methodological comments

Main research blocks:

  • India Beer Market Review 2013
  • World beer market
  • Indian beer market
  • Analysis of foreign trade deliveries
  • Retail in the Indian market
  • Prospects for the development of the beer market in the world and in India
  • Recommendations and conclusions

Information sources

  • Databases of state statistical bodies
  • Databases of the federal tax service
  • Databases of the Federal Customs Service
  • Open sources (websites, portals)
  • Issuer reporting
  • Company websites
  • Surveys of market participants
  • Media Archives
  • Regional and federal media
  • Insider sources
  • Specialized analytical portals

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