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Analysis of the methanol market in India

Analysis of the methanol market in India Analysis of the methanol market in India
Release date 19.10.2012
Number of pages 58
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Many sectors of the economy of our country need an objective analysis of the turnover of raw materials and supplies. This allows you to plan work and manage production more efficiently.

Such studies are of particular interest to the most dynamically developing enterprises of the chemical, petrochemical and mining industries. In particular, it is important for them to know exactly what the situation is currently developing in the methanol market in India, what are its trends and forecast.

To do this, experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of the product and determine:

  • its main producers and consumers, the ratio of their shares;
  • volume of supply and demand;
  • geography and structure of deliveries;
  • consumption dynamics;
  • the prevailing level of prices, including for processed products;
  • prospects for the next few years;
  • other factors influencing the state of affairs in this direction.

Organization of market research of methanol in India

For a detailed study of the proposed object, it is required:

Review all documents containing useful information, including:

  • data from Rosstat and the Federal Customs Service of India;
  • materials of electronic and print media, online publications, official websites of methanol market participants in India;
  • case studies, published surveys and expert opinions;
  • scientific and technical literature;
  • price bulletins, price lists;
  • ratings, conclusions of consulting, marketing and analytical agencies;
  • data from industry institutions.

Conduct expert interviews with the main players in the methanol market in India (for example, to find out the features of production technologies, product characteristics, technical equipment and plans for modernization, output and sales volumes).

Draw conclusions and present them in an analytical report.

To purchase the results of an already conducted research or conduct a special assessment of the area of ​​interest, please contact the GidMarket company.

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Part 1. Characteristics of the methanol market

1.1. General characteristics of the methanol market

1.2. Volume and capacity of the Indian and global methanol market

Part 2. Analysis of the largest methanol producers in India and the world

2.1. List of the largest methanol producers, company profile

2.2. Methanol market structure by producers and their market shares

Part 3. Methanol pricing in India and the world, the impact of competition on cost

Part 4. Forecast of consumption, production and prices for methanol in India and the world until 2016

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