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Analysis of the market for design services in 2015

Analysis of the market for design services in 2015 Analysis of the market for design services in 2015
Release date 02.11.2015
Number of pages 113
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 55000 ₹

Here is an overview of the design services market in India. The study contains an analysis of various aspects of this business segment and conclusions about the prospects for its development.

The purpose of this work is to draw up a detailed profile of the design services market based on the study of such characteristics as factors, the structure and dynamics of consumption, working conditions, key trends, the degree of saturation, etc. For a visual presentation of information, the material is accompanied by 24 diagrams and 18 tables.

The structure of marketing research of the design services market
The document consists of five parts, which sequentially analyze all the characteristics of the sector under consideration with the presentation of the conclusions of the experts in the final section.

The study contains:

  • General overview of the building design market, indicating its structure, volume, dynamics, development prospects and existing problems.
  • Analysis of the competitive environment. This part of the market research lists the largest players in the design services market in India and their positions in the rankings.
  • Here is a list of the main competing companies, their working conditions. In addition, in this section you can find information about the saturation of the market and the potential for its further growth.
  • Study of the consumption of design services. Here the profile of a potential client is presented, the volume and structure of demand are analyzed. From the materials of this part of the work, you will learn about consumer preferences and criteria for choosing suppliers, pricing in the field of engineering services. This section also presents the TOP potential customers as of 2014.
  • Analysis of competitions for the selection of a construction design service provider, government programs and the amount of budgetary funds allocated for such orders.
  • Conclusions and recommendations of experts.

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