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Analysis of the linoleum market

Analysis of the linoleum market Analysis of the linoleum market
Release date 25.05.2016
Number of pages 57
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Cost 69000 ₹

The GidMarket company organizes complex marketing researches of the linoleum market. Highly qualified specialists are involved in the collection, systematization and analysis of information.

Studying a specific industry is a complex and lengthy process.

For these purposes, many different methods are used:

statistical processing of secondary data;
group interview;
protocol analysis;
opinion of experts and professional analysts;
insider information;
economic and mathematical modeling;
retail audit;
various surveys, etc.

The purpose analysis of the linoleum market is to determine its conjuncture, predict trends and obtain important information about competing firms. Systematized data will significantly help in making important strategic and management decisions, as well as in finding new customers.

Thus, the customer company has the opportunity to improve its marketing strategy, increase turnover and, as a result, gross profit. The information provided will also help to better understand the external environment of the organization and quickly determine the specialization. A review of the linoleum market can be performed within India, the CIS countries, a specific federal district or region. The report is provided electronically.

What does linoleum market research include?

Analysis of manufacturing firms (competitors).
Expert assessment of the state and volume of the market.
Dynamics of production by years.
The structure of imports and exports.
Analysis of the main consumers of products.
Forecast of further development of the industry.
Assessment of investment attractiveness.
General conclusions and specific recommendations.

In order to order an analysis of the linoleum market or buy ready-made studies, just call one of the contact numbers or fill out an electronic form on the site. After consultation with the manager, a contract for the provision of services is concluded and payment is made. Upon completion of the work, the client receives a detailed report and an act of work performed.


Part 1. Overview of the Indian Linoleum Market

1.1. Main characteristics of the market

1.2. Dynamics of volume and capacity of the linoleum market in 2011-2015

1.3. Main trends, drivers, threats of the linoleum market

1.4. The pace of technological change and product innovation

1.5. Competition from substitute products

1.6. Assessment of factors affecting the market

Part 2. Competitive analysis in the linoleum market

2.1. Market life cycle stage

2.3. Degree of integration in the industry

2.4. Major players in the market

2.5. Market shares of the largest competitors

2.6. Profiles of major players

Part 3. Analysis of the production of linoleum

3.1. Volume and dynamics of domestic production

3.2. Production segmentation

3.2.1. Degree of product differentiation

3.2.2. Segmentation by region

Part 4. Analysis of foreign trade deliveries of linoleum

4.1. Dynamics and structure of imports

4.2. Dynamics and structure of exports

Part 5. Linoleum consumption analysis

5.1. Consumption volume dynamics

5.2. Number of buyers and their financial capabilities

5.3. Analysis of consumer preferences

5.4. Market structure

5.5. Analysis of the results of tenders for the purchase

5.6. Prices in the domestic market of India

Part 6. Consumption forecast until 2021

Part 7. Assessment of factors of investment attractiveness of the linoleum market

Part 8. Recommendations and conclusions

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