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Analysis of the Indian banking market

Analysis of the Indian banking market Analysis of the Indian banking market
Release date 12.01.2015
Number of pages 80
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 39000 ₹


In the face of tightening requirements for financial institutions by the Central Bank and consumers, participants in the Indian banking market should act with extreme caution. All new ideas and products must be substantiated, including the conclusions of specialists.

GidMarket Agency offers to conduct a detailed analysis of the financial sector, taking into account the individual requirements of the client, the goals and resources of his business. In addition, you can purchase a ready-made report on the results of the study for 2007-2013, as well as the most indicative year in terms of changes, crisis phenomena and restructuring of the sector - 2014.

The document contains a lot of useful information:

  • General overview of the direction, including a description of trends and prospects, a list of factors that determine its state.
  • Analysis of the competitive environment: saturation, key organizations, their shares and profiles.
  • Assessment of the industrial part of the Indian banking services market (volume, dynamics, segmentation).
  • Description of the consumption situation (growth rates, characteristics, preferences, prices).
  • Forecast up to 2018.
  • Conclusions and recommendations of experts.

Procedure for Compiling the Indian Banking Market Report

To collect data, our specialists study a number of official and insider sources:

  • open databases on the websites of the Central Bank of India, relevant ministries and government agencies;
  • thematic printed publications, Internet portals, TV media;
  • reporting of existing credit institutions and so on.

At the next stage of work, interviews are organized with key players in the Indian banking services market: credit institutions, large private and corporate clients.

If you are interested in a ready-made report on the presented issue or you need to conduct an individual study, follow the link on the site. All additional information can be obtained from the telephone numbers listed at the top of the page.

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