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Analysis of the flexible packaging market in India

Analysis of the flexible packaging market in India Analysis of the flexible packaging market in India
Release date 25.04.2016
Number of pages 76
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Cost 50000 ₹

The technology, which is actively used in various industries, requires a detailed study. An expert assessment of its position and prospects will help businesses plan for the future. The GidMarket Agency is ready to conduct a detailed analysis of the relevant area, to provide independent conclusions and recommendations.

Marketing research of the flexible packaging market is of interest to enterprises producing household chemicals, food products, animal feed, personal hygiene products, soils, etc. It is important for them to obtain objective information about the current state of this production area, the presence of positive dynamics compared to previous periods , the most likely state of affairs in the coming years.

The goals of professional analysis of the flexible packaging market are:

  • determination of the main manufacturers, competitors, leaders, production volumes and sales of the product;
  • determination of buyers, the structure of the consumer audience, the identification of free niches;
  • compiling a list of factors that affect the production of a product and its choice by customers;
  • assessment of import and export of this product (large suppliers, distributors, trade missions, foreign buyers);
  • description of trends, conclusions about the prospects of the direction.

Market research procedure for flexible industrial packaging

This work includes the following steps:

Studying information and documents from any available sources, for example:

  • databases of the Federal Customs Service, Rosstat, the Federal Tax Service of India;
  • printed periodicals, electronic media;
  • published scientific articles and thematic Internet portals;
  • official websites and reporting of manufacturers;
  • forecasts, reviews, assessments of experts of analytical and consulting organizations;
  • ratings;
  • own insider sources.

Survey of interested parties (manufacturing companies, customers, importers, sales offices of foreign factories, suppliers, etc.).

Summing up the results of the flexible packaging market research, drawing up a report with conclusions, justifications and recommendations.

To obtain the relevant analytical material, call the number listed on the website of the agency ""GidMarket"" (phone numbers of offices in and).


Part 1. Overview of the Indian flexible packaging market

1.1. Main characteristics of the market

1.2. Dynamics of the flexible packaging market volume in 2000-2015

1.3. Assessment of current trends and market development prospects

1.4. Assessing the Factors Affecting the Flexible Packaging Market

Part 2: Competitive analysis in the flexible packaging market

2.1. Saturation of the flexible packaging market

2.2. Major players in the flexible packaging market

2.3. Market shares of the largest competitors

2.4. Profiles of major players

Part 3. Analysis of the production of flexible packaging

3.1. Volume and dynamics of domestic production of flexible packaging

3.2. Segmentation of flexible packaging production

3.2.1. Segmentation by product type

3.2.2. Segmentation by region

Part 4. Analysis of foreign trade deliveries of flexible packaging

4.1. Volume and dynamics of flexible packaging imports

4.2. Import structure

4.3. Volume and dynamics of flexible packaging exports

4.4. Export structure

Part 5. Flexible packaging consumption analysis

5.1. Dynamics of consumption of flexible packaging

5.2. Analysis of consumer preferences

5.3. Flexible packaging market structure

5.3.1. Market structure by assortment

5.3.2. Market structure by consumption sectors

5.4. Analysis of the results of tenders for the purchase

Part 6. Flexible packaging consumption forecast up to 2021

Part 7. Recommendations and conclusions

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