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Analysis of the coal market in India

Analysis of the coal market in India Analysis of the coal market in India
Release date 19.11.2021
Number of pages 40
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 69000 ₹

The GidMarket agency offers an up-to-date analysis of the hard coal market, compiled in 2021. If necessary, customers can order an individual report on the indicators of interest.

The presented document contains a detailed description of the state of affairs in the presented segment of the economy. It also reflects:

  • general characteristics (significant factors, production volume, market capacity and saturation);
  • assessment of product consumption (dynamics, segmentation by various groups, the largest consumers with their details, sales forecast up to 2025).

Coal Market Analysis Methodology

GidMarket agency specialists use the following work procedure:

1. Collection and study of any available data relevant to the issue under consideration. In particular, a search is made for relevant documents and electronic information databases, the development of new ones and changes in existing ones are monitored.

When analyzing the coal market, the following may also be involved:

  • websites of state bodies (tax and customs services, Rosstat) and official web pages of industry institutions;
  • federal and regional print media, online newspapers, television programs;
  • open financial statements of business entities;
  • official ratings of various agencies;
  • reference and technical literature;
  • own insider sources.

2. Summing up, drawing up a detailed conclusion with recommendations and reasonable forecasts.

To purchase a ready-made marketing research of the coal industry in India or to study the segment of interest according to individual requests, submit a corresponding application on the website. To get advice from the GidMarket agency specialists, call the numbers indicated on the website or write online.


Part 1. Overview of the Indian coal market 

1.1. Main characteristics of the market 
1.2. Dynamics of the volume of the coal market 2016-2020 Potential market capacity 
1.3. Assessment of factors affecting the market 
1.4. Stage of life cycle of the coal market 
1.5. Competition from substitute products 

Part 2. Competitive analysis in the coal market 

2.1. Major players in the market 
2.2. Market shares of the largest competitors 
2.3. Profiles of major players 

Part 3. Analysis of coal production 

3.1. Volume and dynamics of domestic coal production 
3.2. Share of exports in coal production 
3.3. Segmentation of coal production by regions 
3.3.1. Production by Union Territories 
3.3.2. Production by states of India 

Part 4. Analysis of foreign trade supplies of coal 

4.1. Volume and dynamics of coal imports 
4.2. Import structure 
4.3. The volume and dynamics of coal exports 
4.4. Export structure 

Part 5. Analysis of coal consumption 

5.1. Dynamics of coal consumption volume 
5.2. Analysis of the results of tenders for the purchase 

Part 6. Price Analysis 

6.1. Average producer prices by union territories 
6.2. Average consumer prices by states in India 

Part 7. Assessment of factors of investment attractiveness of the market 

Part 8. Forecast for the development of the coal market until 2025 

Part 9. Recommendations and conclusions

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