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Analysis of the cement market in India

Analysis of the cement market in India Analysis of the cement market in India
Release date 06.11.2014
Number of pages 71
Formats DOCX, PDF
Cost 50000 ₹

Here is an expert analysis of the state of the cement market in India. The document is based on data for 2013–2014. with a forecast up to 2020.

The authors of the marketing research aimed to prepare a description of the key characteristics of the cement market in India, including the main influencers, consumption dynamics, suppliers and consumers, trends, and so on.

Information from open databases, including government agencies, the media, and expert reports, was used as initial information for analytical conclusions and calculations. In addition, covert interviews with manufacturers and suppliers were conducted specifically for this work.

The data obtained and the conclusions of specialists are presented in a structured form.

The document is accompanied by 13 diagrams and figures, as well as 17 tables.

Contents of market research of cement market in India

  • General overview of the industry. From the first part, you will learn the main parameters of the market situation, the factors under the influence of which they were formed and will change in the coming years, as well as current data on the volume of cement production and its dynamics. 
  • Analysis of the competitive environment. Here is a list of manufacturing plants and suppliers, as well as information about their position in the market.
  • Consumption research. This part presents data on the volume of cement purchases in 2011-2013, which allows you to see the dynamics of demand for products. In addition, this chapter contains a description of the market structure by major consumers.
  • Price analysis. Experts provide information on average prices, compare the cost of products from some manufacturers.
  • Forecast of the volume of the cement market in India until 2020, taking into account production capacities, observed dynamics, risks, and the nature of investment activity.
  • The document ends with the authors' conclusions and recommendations for manufacturers, suppliers, and investors.

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