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Analysis of the bottled water market in India

Analysis of the bottled water market in India Analysis of the bottled water market in India
Release date 25.04.2016
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Investments in the clean drinking water market in the modern world are profitable. To determine which products and in what volume will be in greatest demand, an analysis of the bottled water market is carried out.

The necessary information can be obtained from previous studies and draw conclusions based on them. But, as a rule, the data in them is already outdated. It is much more efficient to conduct an up-to-date marketing research of the bottled water market. GidMarket specialists will assess the existing market for such products and identify current trends.

An analysis of the bottled water market in India is carried out every year and shows several consistent trends:

market growth by 16% per year;
activity of regional producers;
reduction in the volume of imported products.
What is included in market research for bottled water in India?
Before adjusting your business strategy, there are many issues that need to be addressed. In addition to technical and production, these will be problems of advertising products, compiling a client base, etc.

Marketing research will answer the following important questions:

what segments of the bottled water market are currently in the stage of rapid development;
what volumes of water are most popular among different categories of customers;
Do you need a delivery service for your own products?
which products in which regions are most popular;
what are the seasonal changes in consumer tastes;
what new products appear on the bottled water market;
what are the most efficient ways of manufacturing and moving products;
what are the characteristics (gender, age, income level) of the main category of bottled water consumers, etc.

To find out the necessary information, the specialists of the GidMarket agency conduct a detailed study, involve independent experts from various fields and apply to official statistical bodies (for example, they request research from the Federal Statistics Service or the Ministry of Economic Development).

In addition, a deep analysis is carried out directly on the market of the products of interest, interviews are conducted with consumers. Specific periodicals, including previous years, are studied in order to determine fundamental trends. The bottled water market is directly monitored and much more.

The received information is processed, systematized, and appropriate conclusions are drawn on its basis. They are compiled into a detailed report that provides useful recommendations that will help you take a leading position in the market.


Chapter 1. Overview of the bottled water market in India

1.1. Main characteristics of the market

1.2. Assessment of factors affecting the market

1.3. Volume of bottled water production in India

1.4. Dynamics of market volume and capacity (2009 - 2014, forecast up to 2018)

1.5. Market capacity by segments of water (glass, plastic, carbonated, non-carbonated, children's, sports, fortified)

Chapter 2. Competitor Analysis

2.1. Bottled water manufacturers

2.2. Producer market shares.

2.3. Largest Bottled Water Suppliers in India

2.4. Deferred payment applied in the region

Chapter 3. Consumption Analysis

3.1. Volumes and dynamics of bottled water consumption in India in 2011-2014

3.2. Market structure by main consumers

3.3. The main distribution channels for bottled water. Sales volumes by distribution channels

3.4. Seasonality of sales of bottled water by months

Chapter 4. Price Analysis in the Bottled Water Market

4.1. Price elasticity of demand

Chapter 5. Forecast of market size until 2018

Chapter 6. Recommendations and Conclusions

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