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Analysis of the apple market in India in 2011-2015.

Analysis of the apple market in India in 2011-2015. Analysis of the apple market in India in 2011-2015.
Release date 28.09.2016
Number of pages 63
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In the first chapter  work: marketing research of the apple market, the main characteristics of the presented market are given, the volume and capacity of the market are considered, the factors influencing the market are assessed and the stages of the life cycle of the apple market are studied, the cost-effectiveness and profitability of sales in the industry are shown, competition from goods is analyzed - substitutes.

In the second chapter marketing research conducted an analysis of competitors in the apple market. The largest representatives on the market, the shares of companies, as well as their profiles are presented.

In the third part marketing research of the market worked out the production of apples, provided information on the volume and dynamics of domestic production of apples, calculated the share of exports in the production of apples, segmented the production of apples by region (in the context of federal districts and states of India).

In the fourth partand work, we dwelled in detail on the export and import of apples. We singled out the total volume of exported and imported products, studied the structure of imports and exports.

In the fifth part The report examines the consumption in the apple market, the dynamics of the volume of consumption of apples, and analyzes the results of tenders for the purchase.

In the sixth part marketing research of the market, a price analysis is given in the apple market, average producer prices for the union territories are presented, as well as average consumer prices for the states of India, a forecast for producer prices in the apple market until 2020 is built.

In the seventh chapter The work gives an assessment of the factors of investment attractiveness of the apple market.

The forecast for the development of the apple market is presented in the eighth partand report.

In conclusion, in the last chapter, conclusions are drawn on the entire work, as well as recommendations are given.

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