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Sales market analysis

Market analysis is the collection and processing of information necessary for strategic planning or management decision-making. The study is carried out for individual segments, the entire sales market or relevant industries. Constant monitoring of your segment allows you to track significant changes and respond to them in time, and also helps to increase the stability of the company and its financial performance.

The main goal of the analysis - find an opportunity to increase sales and a method suitable for a particular company. For a separate study, the task can be narrowed down: for example, to assess the prospects for entering a new niche or expanding the brand's presence in an existing segment.

An objective assessment of sales markets allows for avoiding excessive inventory, adapting the assortment to existing demand, and optimizing production. Our analysts will make a forecast for the development of the industry for you, and they will also give you the information you need to choose the direction of competition, and search for new suppliers or partners. 

Research methods

  • collection of information from open sources: industry directories, statistics, Internet, mass media;
  • secondary research: analysis of reports of rating agencies, ready-made surveys, and other specialized sources;
  • interviews with experts, consumers, and employees of trading or consulting companies;
  • surveys, interviews, and questionnaires;
  • focus groups;
  • analysis of the internal and external environment of the enterprise using SWOT and PEST methods.

Market Analysis Structure

  • Determining the goals and objectives of the study together with the client
  • Collection and processing of relevant information by our experts
  • Conducting research by field methods: interviews, focus groups, observations and everything that is necessary to solve the problem. The budget for such work is agreed in advance with the client.
  • Preparation of a report with conclusions and recommendations on the issues included in the terms of reference
  • Refinement of the report within the framework of the TOR, if something is not clear to you or some data is missing

What we study as part of the study: 

  • market capacity: the volume and dynamics of sales, the potential for an increase in demand or the risks of its fall;
  • potential buyers: we draw up a portrait of the consumer, find out his motivation, purchasing power, preferences, and pains;
  • competitiveness of products, demand it;
  • infrastructure in the industry;
  • trends, prospects in the desired segment;
  • competitors: their prices, marketing activity, segment shares, reputation;
  • your company's capabilities;
  • availability of raw materials, materials;
  • external factors: economic, technical, geographical, legal. 

If you are planning to conduct a sales market analysis in our company, the process will be as transparent and simple as possible for you:

  1. Submit your request by email, email, or phone. Our manager will contact you, ask about your tasks and wishes, help formulate goals, offer research options
  2. We will prepare a commercial offer with a detailed description of the research methods, specify its terms and cost
  3. We will answer your questions, adjust the commercial offer in accordance with your wishes
  4. We will send you an agreement to sign and an invoice for payment for the selected service.
  5. While the analysts are working, the manager will keep you updated on the progress of the study
  6. Based on the results of the analysis, you will receive a detailed report with the collected data, expert conclusions and forecasts. If necessary, we will finalize the report free of charge within the agreed terms of reference

Cost of analysis 

Each study is individual, so there is no single tariff.

The cost of the service is affected by the volume and availability of the necessary information, the specifics of the industry, the geography of the study, the wishes of the client, and many other factors.
We approve the final price after drawing up a research plan and agreeing on the terms of reference. It does not change unilaterally.

With a low budget, you can purchase a ready-made analysis of the market you need. It is faster and cheaper than an individual study. This option is suitable for businesses at the decision-making stage – for example, whether it is worth investing in an unfamiliar direction.

What will be required from you:

  • Information about your business and tasks that you would like to solve with our help
  • Your vision of the purpose of the study, plans for using its results
  • Data you would like to see in the report
  • Willingness to fill out a small questionnaire: it will help to formulate a wish and clarify the task